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The City of Yorba Linda is mandated by California State Law to prepare a state-certified Housing Element update.  Despite significant and sustained City efforts to challenge State-imposed requirements (click here for more information on the City’s challenge), the City adopted the 2021–2029 Housing Element on February 9, 2022 which was certified by the State on April 8, 2022. The City conducted a strategic and transparent effort to identify and narrow down the sites that were ultimately selected for the Housing Element in compliance with State-required criteria. Twenty-seven (27) sites are proposed for rezoning to accommodate housing opportunities in support of satisfying the City’s requirements imposed by the State. While the City of Yorba Linda is required to plan for the additional residential capacity, the City is not required to construct the dwelling units. Timing of construction will be determined by the housing market, with specific development proposals requiring a comprehensive environmental analysis of impacts to traffic, pedestrian circulation, fire hazards, wildlife, and more, as well as a noticed public review process. For additional information, click here to view our educational flyer or click the “Learn More” button below.

Latest news, at a glance...

Upcoming Public Hearings for Public Input
  • July 27, 2022 - Planning Commission: Draft Program EIR for Zoning and General Plan Modifications

  • August 2, 2022 - City Council: Public Hearing on Housing Element Project and Final Program EIR

  • August 9, 2022 - City Council: Second Reading of Housing Element Ordinances and Call for Measure B Election

Program Environmental Impact Report (PEIR)
  • The Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Program is available here, including Planning Commission recommendations made on July 27, 2022.

  • The City has released a Final PEIR addressing responses to comments on the Draft PEIR, including revisions made to the Draft PEIR. 

  • The City has released a Draft PEIR addressing potential environmental effects (including traffic, fire, noise, geology, wildlife, air quality, among other required topics) for the Housing Element Implementation Program.

  • The public is invited to review and comment on the Draft PEIR for a 45-day period from June 1 to July 15, 2022.

  • An Official Public Notice was mailed May 31, 2022 to every home within a 2,000-foot radius of any of the 27 opportunity sites identified for rezoning, in compliance with Measure B protocols.

Housing Element
  • The Housing Element provides an analysis of the City’s housing needs for all income levels, and strategies and programs that will be implemented to respond and provide for those housing needs through 2029.

  • Yorba Linda prepared the 2021-2029 Housing Element in compliance with State requirements to avoid severe penalties.

  • More than 15 community workshops, events, and public hearings held, and multiple outreach surveys released during the housing element update process.

  • A planning target of 2,415 new housing units was assigned to Yorba Linda by the State. The City vigorously challenged requirement but was denied.

  • On April 8, 2022, the State of California approved Yorba Linda’s 2021-2029 Housing Element and Appendix.

Opportunity Sites and Rezoning
  • As part of the City's new housing plan policy document, Yorba Linda was required to submit a list of potential properties that could accommodate the number of future housing units required by the State.

  • Although Yorba Linda can accommodate some of the housing units on property already designated for homes, the City needs to rezone additional sites to accommodate the additional housing units by April 2024 to meet State requirements.

  • The City identified 27 potential opportunity sites that will requiring rezoning in order to be eligible for the Housing Element.

  • Many of the opportunity sites are proposed to be rezoned to allow medium density development at 10 units per acre maximum and 2-stories in height, similar to Anderson Grove on Lakeview Avenue and the Covington on Yorba Linda Road.

  • Construction of specific residential developments is not proposed at this time. When specific residential developments are proposed, they will require public review and approval to ensure that Yorba Linda’s established expectations of quality are met.

Measure B

  • Rezoning 27 sites require a Measure B vote on November 8, 2022.

  • Measure B requires Citywide elections for the approval of certain “Major Amendments” to the City’s Planning Policy Documents (including the zoning code and map).

  • A No vote on Measure B may trigger severe penalties

    • Lawsuits by State and nonprofit advocacy groups (Huntington Beach, Pomona, San Clemente, Pleasanton were sued for having non-compliant Housing Elements)

    • Fines up to $600,000/month, pursuant to California Government Code Section 65585(l)(1)(A)

    • Loss of State funding/grant eligibility to help fund public facilities, infrastructure improvements, transportation, and affordable housing

    • State control of City zoning and permitting

    • Revocation of Housing Element certification



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